Ordering Balloons

Minimum orders:

$300 North Shore $25 delivery

$350 Chicago Neighborhoods and West Suburbs $50 delivery

$400 Loop and South Suburbs $75 delivery

$500 Weddings & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs plus delivery*

Custom design boards:

we are happy to send customized design boards for your theme. A $100 deposit is required for a design board and it will be applied to the balance of the order. 

Rush orders:

$50 for less than 2 weeks notice $100 for less than one week notice may apply for non stock items

Please include: 

number of tables, size of event, details about your floor layout or areas you'd like decorated. Please include if you would like arches, columns, helium balloons, centerpieces, custom items, etc. Would you like one main focal point or decor spread throughout the event?

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Décor Request
Consult Type

Thanks for submitting!

If you have sample images please email them to dazzleartists@gmail.com

Special Event Planning:

Minimums and delivery are based on distance. Super special occasions (weddings/mitzvahs) that require additional planning are a $500 minimum.


$25 fifteen minute phone appt

$50 onsite (booked events only) for the North Shore 

$50-100 digital balloon designs placed over venue images

$150 onsite consult (booked events) for Chicago and West Suburbs


**Terms & Conditions:

We use the highest quality supplies and we are very experienced. Whenever possible, our designs are tested for 12 hours prior to installation. Balloons are made of latex or foil and we claim no guarantee on balloon longevity. Balloons, after delivery, have the potential to pop or be popped by a guest, sunlight, heat/cold, or manufacturer error, etc and they are still balloons, not made of steel. That being said, air fill decor can last anywhere between 1 and 10 weeks depending on the design and conditions and helium balloons last 1-5 days depending on size and environment. The client holds no expectation of repairs, replacements or refunds.