About the lead artist. 


Megan began face painting in 2012 when she painted herself like a bunny for Easter planning an egg hunt for her son. A friend saw those pictures and asked if she would volunteer for a charity event.  In 2014, a local play space hired her for Halloween and she began her career as a professional face painter. She started taking classes, practicing and investing in supplies. A few months later she was also getting requests for balloon animals so she picked up that trade, too, as well as airbrushing and henna to expand her creativity.

After one very successful year doing face, body, and balloon art, she went to school to become a state certified makeup artist in 2016. She continues to take face and body painting and balloon classes to fine tune her trade.

She lives with her husband and two children and is based out of Libertyville. In addition to makeup she has a fine art background from Columbia, a business degree from UIC, and enjoys crafts and cooking. 


She does parties and events full time and she loves her job!