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Please text 847.553.7400 for availability with date, time, location, number of kids

PAYMENT  I hereby commission Megan Raysby of Dazzle Artists, to provide services as detailed above. I have reviewed the details and agree to pay the balance in full, prior to service. 

SERVICE TIME I understand that service will begin and end on the time above and that no additional time will be included at the agreed upon rate.  Additional time may be purchased day of based on availability.

OVERTIME Overtime is at the rate of $75 per additional half hour

CANCELLATION  If the booking party cancels at any time after this contract is signed and returned  50% of the balance will be retained. If the booking party cancels within 2 weeks of the event, 100% of the balance will be due. OUTDOOR EVENTS REQUIRE PAYMENT IN FULL AND ARE NOT REFUNDED IN THE EVENT OF CANCELLATION.  In the unlikely event of cancellation by the artist due to acts of god, all attempts to find a comparable replacement will be made by the artist. Inability to find a replacement will be followed by a credit for a future party or refund.

HYGIENE The artist reserves the right to refuse service to someone who shows obvious signs of being sick, such as coughing or runny nose, or if someone has unavoidable open wounds or rashes on the desired area to be painted, or in the case of lice.

SAFETY The artist reserves the right to refuse to paint any person who is intoxicated or under the influence beyond the point of reason. If the artist feels his/her safety is verbally or physically threatened he/she may leave the event immediately and will receive payment in full.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: If outdoors a tent or shade/rain cover must be available. In the event of in-climate weather where it is unreasonable for an artist to be able to work outdoors with proper hand function, artist may request  an indoor placement. If indoor option is unavailable the artist has the right to discontinue work if the temperature is under 60 degrees Fahrenheit for one or more hours.

GOAL The ultimate goal of this service is to provide fun and entertainment in a creative way while maintaining an organized environment. For fewer people per hour, more elaborate designs can be done. For more people per hour, simpler designs can be done. The artist will adapt the complexity of designs based on the number of guests and time allowed for service so that as many guests can benefit from this service as possible.

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